Judith Solossy


Book Length Literary Translations   

Endre Ady , neighbours of the night. selected short stories. selected, translated and with a preface by judith sollosy.  Corvina, Budapest, l994.

Géza Csáth.  opium. short stories.  selected & translated by judith sollosy.  Corvina, Budapest, 2002.

György Dalos.  the circumcision. Brandle & Schlesinger, Sydney, 2003;  Marion Boyars, London - New York, 2006.

Péter Esterházy. the book of hrabal. Quartet Books, London, 1993; Northwestern University Press, 1994; Brandl & Schlesinger, Sydney, 1994; Corvina, Budapest, 1994.

Péter Esterázy.  a little hungarian pornography. Quartet Books, London, 1995; Corvina, Budapest, 1995; Northwestern University Press, 1996.

Péter Esterházy.  she loves me. Quartet Books, London, 1997; Northwestern University Press, 1997; Corvina, Budapest, 1997.

Péter Esterázy.   celestial harmonies. translated and with a brief introduction by judith sollosy. Ecco Books - Harper Collins, N.Y., 2004; Harper-Flamingo, Canada, 2004; Harper Perennial, London, 2004.

Péter Esterházy.   celestial harmonies. with introduction and afterword, "On Translating Péter Esterházy," by Judith Sollosy. Paperback edition. Ecco Books - Harper Collins, N.Y., Harper-Flamingo, Canada, Harper Perennial, London, 2005.

Péter Esterázy.  not art.  Ecco - Harper Collins, N.Y., 2010.

István Örkény.  one minute stories. seleced and translated by judith sollosy. Brandl & Schlesinger, Sydney, 1994; Corvina, Budapest, 1994 (first edition).

István Örkény.  more one minute stories, selected and translated by judith sollosy. Corvina, Budapest, 2006 (first edition).


Brief List of Short Literary Translations

Ady, Endre. the mute couple, spring mass, the kiss.  In: Cyphers No. 36, Dublin, Summer, l992, pp.19-28;
the kiss. In: The Kiss. Twentieth-Century Short Stories. Corvina, l993 (first edition).

Bächer, Iván. budapest, papertown. In: Centropa Quarterly, Vol. 4, Winter, 2003/2004;
a beautiful photograph. In: Centropa Quarterly, n.d.;
my favorite foods. In: Centropa Quarterly, n.d.
letter from a father. In: Hungarian Digest, l986/6.

Bódis, Kriszta. hard butter (excerpt from the novel of the same name). In: Hide and Seek. Contemporary Hungarian Literature, ed. Gy. Horváth and A. Benedek. József Attila Kör, Budapest, 2004.

Bodor, Ádám. the outpost. In: Cross Currents. A Yearbook of Central European Literature, No. 6, l987; The Kiss, Corvina, l993;
melissa bogdanowitz's footprint. In: Miklós Szüts exhibition catalog, Budapest, 2003.

Csalog, Zsolt. What are the Czechs like? In: Res Publica Nova. Also online at Eurozine, http://www.eurozine.com/articles/2009-10-06-csalog-en.html and http://www.eurozine.com/pdf/2009-10-06-csalog-en.pdf

Csáth, Géza. matricide. At: http://grunes.wordpress.com/2008/09/01/matricide/

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Déry, Tibor. animal machines; my agile, youthful figure. In: Hungarian Digest, l982/2  and the Hungarian P.E.N. Bulletin, No. 19, 1978, pp. 3-9;
philemon and baucis. In: Nothing's Lost. Corvina, l988, and Love and Other Stories, New Directions, 2005.

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Esterházy, Péter. "Hungarian Cooking" (from The Book of Hrabal). In: Fiction, Vol 11, No. 3, 1993, pp. 110-115; further excerpt in: Literature Above All, Institutul Cultural Roman, 2009;
she loves me. A chapter in Link Budapest and New Hungarian Writing, 2002; Chapter 37 at: http://www.babelmatrix.org/index.php?page=work&tran_id=3459
Chapter 7 at: http://www.babelmatrix.org and http://www.fridaycircle.com/2008/10/20/esterhazy-a-no/;
celestial harmonies. Excerpts in: The Hungarian Quarterly, Vol. 42, Winter 2001, pp. 13-36; also at Hungarian Literature Online, June 30, 2004, http://www.hlo.hu/object.264cdebf-c716-499f-8b4a-b3a126557e57.ivy; as well as at http://www.babelmatrix.org;
celestial harmonies. Excerpts from Part Two.  At: Hungarian Literature Online, June 30, 2004, http://www.hlo.hu/object.264cdebf-c716-499f-8b4a-b3a126557e57.ivy;
author's preface to revised edition. PEN America blog; also in: The Wall in My Head. Words Without Borders Anthology. Words and Images from the Fall of the Iron Curtain, University of Rochester, 2009.
two short stories, Cimarron Review, Summer, 1996;
kornél esti's bicycle. In: Writing from Hungary. Words without Borders, August, 2010, http://wordswithoutborders.org/

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the assimilant. In: Eurozine online, http://www.eurozine.com/search.html;

lou's last letter to feri's wife. In: Writing from Hungary. Words without Borders, August, 2010, http://wordswithoutborders.org/

Horváth, Viktor. the four points of the compass and how the foolish frenghi sultans came to blows (chapters from Török tükör, Jelenkor, 2009). For Lettre Internationales, 2010.

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frisking in fiumicino, the crown, a taxi ride through manhattan (short stories). In: Hungarian Digest, 1981/1.

Kertész, Imre. fateless (Sorstalanság). Several chapters of the novel. In: Cross Currents, U.S., n.d.;
the unhappy 20th century (essay). In: Fordítói füzetek, June, 2009.

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the sneak thief, the countess, the champion. In: The Chattahoochee Review, Fall 2005;
the sneak thief. At Hungarian Literature Online (hlo.hu), 2006; also in: Jobbladák. Lázár Ervin hetvenedik születésnapjára. Novella Kiadó, Budapest, 2006.
the man from csillagmajor, the blacksmith, the woman in blue, the knotweed. In: Hungarian Quarterly, Vol. 48, Winter 2007, pp. 28-43;
the china doll. In: Writing from Hungary. Words without Borders, August, 2010, http://wordswithoutborders.org/

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father fabricius. In: Present Continuous, Corvina, 1985.

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one-minute stories (selection). In: New Directions 52. An International Anthology of Prose and Poetry. New Directions, N.Y., 1988;
art and experience, public opinion survey, professional pride. In: De Ark Budapest, 26-29 August. MCMXCIII, Willemdok, Antwerpen, 1993;
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and propeller.hu, June, 2008;
handling instructions, the grotesque, in memoriam dr. h.g.k., a number of variations on the theme of self-realization, one minute biography, a bright future ahead, tulip in crisis, thoughts from the cellar, honeymooners on flypaper, ballad about the magic of poetry. In: Országos Széchenyi Könyvtár honlapja (National Széchenyi Library Online);
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handling instructions, one minute biography, optical illusion, the death of the actor, 1949, official government report..., news item, public opinion survey. In: Going to Bed Hungary, video by Roger Batty,Anchorage, Alaska, on youtube at http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x56ato_going-to-bed-hungary_creation;
 memoirs of a puddle. At the Massachussets Insitute of Technology website, http://web.mit.edu/norvin/www/somethingelse/puddle.html

Parti Nagy, Lajos - Banga, Ferenc. In lieu of a translation. Introduction to Kacat, Bajazzó, Pytheas Kiadó, Budapest, 2002. Excerpt at: http://www.pytheas.hu/ereszletes12.htm;
oh, those chubby genes! (from Hősöm tere - Heroes Square). At Hungarian Literature Online (hlo.hu), summer, 2004; also at http://www.babelmatrix.org; as an unusual incident in: Budapest Tales. . A Collection of Central European Contemporary Writing. Published by New Europe Writers, 2008, and in: Writing from Hungary. Words without Borders, August, 2010, http://wordswithoutborders.org/
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Further Authors in Print or on the Internet:

Géza Bereményi, Bulcsu Bertha, Iván Boldizsár, István Csurka,
László Darvasi, Péter Dobai, Klára Fehér, Erzsébet Galgóczi, László Garaczi,
Gábor Görgey, Miklós Gyárfás, Tibor Hajas, Béla Hamvas,
Géza Hegedüs, Teri Horváth, Endre Illés, Lajos Kassák, Ákos Kertész,
Emil Kolozsvári-Grandpierre, István Kormos, László Lugosi Lugo,
Elek Magyar, Ágnes Nemes Nagy, György Odze, Boris Palotai,
János Pilinszky, Ferenc Sánta, Pál Szabó, Károly Szakonyi, Gábor Thurzó,
Miklós Tótfalusi Kis, Miklós Vámos.


Radio Plays, Plays & Scripts

Radio Plays, Plays

aquarium with hens. Hungarian Radio, 2003.

bound by kistarcsa. Hungarian Radio, 2001.

dated this evening (documentary). Hungarian Radio, 2000.

Andrási, Attila.  kórogy (documentary). Hungarian Radio, 1996.

Baka, István. god in the city. Hungarian Radio, 1996.

Bakonyi, Péter. the peak is halfway up (documentary). Hungarian Radio, 1997.

Balázs, Attila & Jósvai, Lídia. the treasure of muddy lake. Hungarian Radio, 2004.

Bárdos, Pál. the nightwatchman. Hungarian Radio, 1996; winner of the Prix Italia prize for best radio play translation.

Béres Attila. contentment. Hungarian Radio, 1997.
shells, the music of the sea. Hungarian Radio, l992.

Bodor, Ádám. the outpost. Hungarian Radio, 1993;
in a strange town. Hungarian Radio, 1994.

Borges - Janus Panonius: poems. Hungarian Radio, 2000.

Borenich, Péter.  romeo and romeo (documentary). Hungarian Radio, 1995;
sentenced to six years (documentary). Hungarian Radio, 1997;
the soul is the first do die (documentary). Hungarian Radio, 2000;
prisoner at kistarcha (documentary). Hungarian Radio, 2001.

Csaba, Klári. unforgettable years. Hungarian Radio, 1991.

Csaba Klári.  royal triangle. Hungarian Radio, 1996.

Czakó, Gábor. pigs. In: Three Contemporary Hungarian Plays. Forest Books, London, l992.

Hamvai, Kornél. marton on the shore is cold. Hungarian Radio, n.d.

Hamvas, Béla. interlude - seven days. Hungarian Radio, n.d.

Határ, Győző. after-images from a novel. Hungarian Radio, 2003.

Háy, János. gézaboy. Hungarian Radio, 2003.

Horváth, Péter.  shoes.  Hungarian Radio, 1998.

Hubay, Miklós. roman carneval. Bizart Agency, Budapest, 1995;
let us hail king oedipus. Bizart Agency, Budapest, 1995.

Kertész, Ákos. the lovers of prague. Hungarian Radio, 1993.

Kornis, Mihály. the ballad of mrs. kádár. On: Hungarian Literature Online (hol.hu) and www.kornismihaly.hu/ballad_msrkadar.rtf

Lackfi, János. language lesson. Hungarian Radio, Prix Europa, 2004.

Lajos, Éva. melinda. Hungarian Radio, 2005.

Márai, Sándor.  diary (excerpts). Hungarian Radio, 1998.

Maráz, László - Csaba, Klári. encounter at naszvad (documentary). Hungarian Radio, 1996.

Markovits, Ferenc et.al.  lajos, éva, melinda (documentary). Hungarian Radio, 2005.

Mednyányszy Elemér.  a memorable summer's night. Hungarian Radio, 1995.

Mikes, Kelemen.  letters from turkey (excerpts). Hungarian Radio, 1999.

Müller, Péter. the last performance. For the Bizart Agency, Budapest, 1995.

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Nagy, András. blaspheme. Hungarian Radio, 2000.

Najmányi, László. theremin (documentary feature).  Hungarian Radio, 2001.

Nyerges, András. getting bye.  Hungarian Radio, 1999.

Odze, György. lecturers. Hungarian Radio, 1993.

Ördögh, Szilveszter. judas the apostle.  Hungarian Radio, 1996.

Pataki, Éva. the chinese taxi strike. Hungarian Radio, 2004.

Parti Nagy, Lajos. jolán sárbogárdi: the angel of the body. Hungarian Radio - Prix Italia, l991;
ibusár.  Contemporary Drama Festival, Budapest, 1999; dramatized reading, Hungarian Cultural Institute, London, March 25, 2000.

Páskándi, Géza. the guest (with Paul Várnai). In: Arion, ed. György Somlyó. Corvina, l979.

Pollner, Zoltán. miracle at the black virgin's.  Hungarian Radio, 2001;
st. jupát, help us! (documentary). Hungarian Radio, 2000.

Simon, László. ancient lament of mary. Hungarian Radio - Prix Marulic, 1999.

Spiró, György. the impostor. In: Hungarian Theatre - Hungarian Drama, No. 6, l986; also in: Three Contemporary Hungarian Plays, Forest Books, London - Boston, l992;
where have all the teachers gone?  Hungarian Radio, 1993;
ruskies. Hungarian Radio, n.d.;
soap opera. Hungarian Radio, 1998.

Solzhenitsyn, Alexander. the truth of the tanks. Hungarian Radio, 1994.

Szabó Ágnes. free fall. Hungarian Radio, 1995.

Szakonyi, Károly. if only you'd stay. Hungarian Radio, 1996.

     the lovers of prague. Hungarian Radio, 1995.

Szöcs, Géza. millennial good-bye. Hungarian Radio, 1996.

Tar, Sándor. slow freight. Hungarian Radio, 1997;
waiting for a voice from the past. Hungarian Radio, 1997.

Vámos, Miklós. act five. Hungarian Radio, 1993.

Zalán, Tibor. the blind man.  Hungarian Radio, 1996.

Zoltán, Gábor.  landed property.  Hungarian Radio, 1998;
to say goodbye.  Hungarian Radio, 1999.


Performed Plays

Czakó, Gábor - Selmeczi, György. pigs. Merlin International Theatre, Budapest, September, 1996.

Gurney, A.R. sylvia.  Vígszínház, Budapest, premier Sept. 27, 1997, still running as of December, 2010.

Karinthy, Ferenc. the bends of the danube. Merlin International Theatre, Budapest, August, l992;
steinway grand The Threshold Theater Co., N.Y., l989; single performance, UCLA, l988; Hungarian Consulate General, N.Y.  (as bösendorfer), 1995.

Ludwig, Ken. leading ladies - káprázatos hölgyek, vagy amit akartok. Kaposvári Csiky Gergely Színház, premier: November 9, 2001; also as: mi van a szoknya alatt, Turay Ida Színtársulat, premier: December 18, 2004.

Miller, Arthur. the ride down mount morgan - lefelé a hegyrõl. Budapesti Kamaraszínház, premier: October 6, 2001, still running as of January, 2011; Soproni Színház, July 2006; Nyári Estek Szegeden, premier: June 30, 2005.

Örkény, István. one minute stories. An evening of dramatized stories, with several dramatizations by J.S.). Merlin International Theatre, June 30 - July 1, 1994.

Schwajda, György. anthem. International Merlin Theatre, Budapest, Aug. 17-Sept. 2, 1994.

Wilde, D.R. mother and the angel - mennyből az angyal. Örkény István Színház, Budapest, premier October 13, 2000.



Film Scripts and Subtitles

Déry, Tibor. dog story (Niki, script and dir. Szántó Erika)

Gábor, Pál. the long ride

Kardos, György. avram bogatir's good week (script and dir. Szántó Erika)

Maár, Gyula. farewell to communism (subtitles for BBC)

Makk, Károly. a very moral night

Makk, Károly. lilly in love (Playing for Keeps)

Örkény, István. the siberian marten (script and dir. Szántó Erika)

Simó, Sándor. the sylvester syndrome

Sívó, Júlia. dráma drom (documentary)

Szántó, Erika. the giant (script and dir.)

Szántó, Erika. elysium (script and dir.)

Zsombolyai, János. duty-free marriage (script, dir.)


Selected List of Nonfiction Translations

Bart István. hungary & the hungarians. a concise dictionary of facts and beliefs, customs, usage and myths.  Corvina, Budapest, 1999.

Cummings, Kellan - Esterházy Péter. an interview with peter esterhazy by kellan cummings. In: Words Without Borders. The Online Magazine for International Literature, Summer, 2008.

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or is there another way? budapest (article). In: The New Yorker, 1998.
europe (article).  For The BBC, London, 1998;
the problem facing the writer today. The New Yorker, 1998;
would you like to see golden budapest?  For the International Writers Conference, Prague, Spring, 1999; also in: Montreal's Multicultural Magazine, No. 01, 2005, pp. 23-33;
reporting from the moon. In: Hungarian Quarterly, Vol. XLIV, No. 171, Autumn 2003; also in: Passages, No. 36, Spring 2004, pp.15-18;
chapter. (kornél esti). Acceptance speech for the Frankfurt Book Fair Peace Prize, October, 2004;
2008 words. Speech for the International Writers Conference, Lyons, France, 2008;
kornél esti's shameful secret. For the PEN International Voices conference, New York, 2008;
the story of the story. wayne koestenbaum interviews péter esterházy. In: PEN America. A Journal for Writers and Readers. 9: also Checkpoints, pp. 50-58;
comments by a novice klinge viewer. Introduction to German exhibition catalog, Summer, 2010, Frankfurt am Main.

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Konrád, György. a theatre for debate: a proposal for the mayor's advisory board (article). In: Matrix, no. 34, 1991;
"where is the writers' train headed?" Speech, Berlin, 2000.

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the photojournalist as a conservator of disappearing cultures. In: The Photographic Memory, ed. E. Meijer & Joon Swart. Quiller Press, London, 1988;
the guest worker. Mezőgazdasági Kiadó, Budapest, 1988;
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balaton.  Text by Attila Szepesi. Magyar Könyvklub, Budapest, 2000.

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on that special day of his life. afterword to the new german edition of milán füst's the story of my wife. For: Széchenyi Art Academy, 2009.

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a pictorial guide to the hungarian cinema. Helikon, 1985.

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